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Our Mission... One Heart for Women and Children's mission is to provide the necessary resources for families as they transition through and overcome varying hardships of daily living in the Central Florida region and abroad. How we do that… We have established partnerships with many Central Florida resources to educate, empower, and mentor men, women and children. We provide the following services from our Homebase in Orlando, Fl.: Clothes Food School Supplies Personal Hygien Items Household Items We offer a full spectrum education and prevention services to families including: Life skills and Parenting Classes Youth education and Outreach Drug and Alcohol Prevention Abroad One Heart for Women and Children delivers many of these services to Haiti, Costa Rica and Africa. Special Projects We coordinate special projects that link local businesses to help others from construction, home renovations, to planting sustainable gardens we connect a community that cares, creates hope and fosters opportunity to those in need. Information about One Heart for Women and Children you may want to know: One Heart for Women and Children has no political or religious affiliations. One Heart for Women and Children is a non-profit 501(c)(3) in the U.S. We are a public charity. All donations are tax-deductible for U.S. residents. 100% of all donation benefit One Heart for Women and children


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