slide1The Impact team is a group of people making a difference in the community of East Winter Garden. We are “Living Life” with families in the neighborhood by spending time with the children of all ages and their families.

The last Friday of each month we meet at Zander Park to eat dinner together, play games together, shoot hoops together, laugh together, love together, pray together and build relationships together.

In 2010 we were blessed to be part of a vacation bible school with Finding the Lost Sheep, House Blends Café and a few other church families for a week during the summer. At the end of the week we did not want it to end……… was clear not to have it as just a “once a year event”……….it was important for us to STAY connected with the community. It was pretty clear that this is where GOD wanted us when we came back a few weeks after the VBS and one of the children said “you really came back, no one ever comes back”…this made my heart sad in the same breath it filled my heart that we were not just there to do something once or twice, but to STAY connected. This is what the community and so many others want. They want relationships…we want relationships. What a gift from GOD this has been.

slide2Christmas of 2010 we had many businesses, local churches and people in the community come together to assist in collecting presents for over 500 children of all ages and 128 families in this community and a few surrounding families.

Miller’s Ale House donated $20,000 towards this as well along with feeding everyone the day of the celebration. It was pouring rain that morning and a few of us asked if we should postpone the celebration…it was once again clear that this was to happen come rain come shine!!!!!! The time to start was noon and don’t you know that at two minutes before twelve the rain clouds were moving out. God is amazing ALL the time.

This past summer of 2011, we were part of the 2nd VBS and it was wonderful to see so many of the same children in the community with us for the whole week again and see the growth in them spiritually.

Some of us are in the community of EWG a few times a week mentoring and connecting with families, praying with and for families and offering HOPE to so many.

Winter Garden Outreach (Not Homeless)

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