ewg_pic_smallOutreach is the most impost important facet of community development. Connecting our hearts through action is how we define Outreach. We outreach in communities through-out central Florida by offering events geared toward family building, and connecting people in community who have resources to those who need them.

Outreach is not something One Heart can do on its own. Outreach is about team efforts to help those in need. We do this by collaborating with YOU, to collect goods and to deliver them.

          We feed the homeless community on Parramore

      We participate in a week long Summer Camp with other Organizations in Winter Garden- where we supply arts and crafts, games for all ages, as well as food,.

      ·  The last Friday of the month we are in Zander Park in East Winter Garden- where we do arts and crafts, games for all ages and cook out.

Check out our calendar for all of the upcoming events.

Have other communities in need? Contact us here and let us know.